Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I got at AGP!

Hello, girls! Here's what I got at AGP!

Thanks to Nicki.  I read it three times  and I love it!  :)

 The newest AG Magazine.  :)  Its all about animals;perfect for me!  :)

Kooky Critters!  From the magazine.  :)

Pet Palooza pages.  :)

The goody bag I got at my sister's birthday party.

There was a doll sized birthday balloon.  :)

Here are the other things in the goody bag: a doll sized shopping bag, a little book, and a sheet of stickers.

There was also a doll shirt.  Here is Helen modeling it!  :)

They gave me this little book of cards as I was checking out: for FREE!  :)

I got Rebecca's Hannukah Outfit.  I love this outfit: a LOT!  :)  I'll do a review later.

Rebecca's Sabbath Set.  Its very detailed and pretty, and good for playtime. I'll doa review on this too!  :)

The Little Lady Dress.  I'll do a review on this, too.


  1. Wow! That's awesome! I love AG doll bday parties--especially at the AGP! :D I got a shirt when I had one at the AGP with my family, but itwas pink! and the balloon was purple! :)


  2. Awesome stuff! I just went yesterday, and I got the 18" version of the little lady dress!

  3. Hey, are you on vacation? Because, read my e-mails!

  4. Cool!!
    You have been awarded on my blog!! Go there for more detailes!!

  5. how do you enter?!

  6. AWESOME! How adorable. :) You got some cute stuff! :D