Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Traitor in Williamsburg Review

Hello, girls! This is a review of Traitor in Williamsburg, my personal favorite Felicity mystery. This was the first AG mystery I bought.

Traitor in Williamsburg is a good mystery. 13 year old Felicity Merriman is still living in Williamsburg, VA. When her good friend, Fiona's father is unfairly arrested for being unloyal to the king, Felicity's father steps in to help. But soon vicious and chilling rumors are spreading throughout Williamsburg about Felicity's father. Can she find out the truth before its too late?

Traitor in Williamsburg was a fun book to read, but the actual 'mystery' part wasn't very hard to figure out. Though this is my favorite Felicity mystery, I figured out 'who did it' about a quarter through the book. However, the book has plenty of suspense, and I still couldn't stop reading it the very first time I read it. I would recommend it as a simply fun book to read, but not if you're looking for a complicated mystery to figure out. :)

Grade: Book: A+
Actual mystery: B-
Condition: A- (I got mine from a used bookstore).

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