Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review with Releaserain!

Hi, girls!  :). Ada from Releaserain agreed to do a review with me!  :D. Yay!  Thanks, Ada!  :).  She sent me these cute crocheted doll shoes to review.  See?

They are a lovely bright blue, and have white trim.  There are also adorable little pom poms on the front of each shoes.  And above the pom poms, although you may not be able to see, are two little pieces of yarn/string, with a little decoration at the ends.  I tied mine in a bow on each shoe.  A very nice touch, in my opinion!  :). The shoes fit Molly perfectly, although a bit baggy on the bottom, but that is because they have been folded in half.  They will most likely relax in a little while.  Molly looks so cozy in her new shoes; I think they are slippers for her today!  :)

In this picture, you can see a full view.  Molly loves the new crocheted shoes, and she and I rate them 10 out of 10!  :). (10 being the best). Comment if you buy something from Releaserain!  You most definitely won't be disappointed.  :)