Friday, June 28, 2013

A very pretty sunset!

Hi, girls! The sunset tonight was soooooo pretty!! :D. Probably mostly because its about to thunderstorm. ;). Here's a picture of the sunset:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New AG Summer Release!

Hello, girls! :) The new AG summer release has been officially.....released. Lol! :). On a sad note, Molly and Emily's archival has officially been announced as well. :( Here's the brand new AG summer release!

Saige's Tunic Outfit.  <3 this!  I'm going to put this on my list of things I really have to have for Saige!  :)  It's just soooo cute!

Saige's Picnic Set.  I <3 this as well!  :)

New MAG doll!  :)  #59!

And another new MAG doll!  :D  #60!

Flower Sweater and Skirt.  I like this outfit a lot; maybe for Helen?

Tropical Bloom Outfit.  I'm kinda ehhhh towards this outfit; I think it'd be better for my sis.  :)

Striped Hoodie Outfit.  Very cute, but not really my thing.  :)

School Backpack Set.  Since this new one has been released, I assume the old one has been retired. :(  Hmmm....I like this set, but I personally like the old one better.  Maybe it was the colors, or that ADORABLE science book the old set came with.  :)
School Locker Set.  Again, cute, but not tnecessarily something that I personally will be buying.  :)

Campus Snack Cart.  Oh my goodness, can I say how much I LOVE this piece?!  :)  It's just so cute, I love the idea and design, and food alert! It comes with all different kinds of food!  :)  Too cute!  I'm probably going to try and save up for this later.

Stackable Lunch Set.  Very cute!  :)

Science Lab Set!  :)  Oh, I LOVE this!  Lots of pieces, very detailed, and for AG, a good price!  :)  $36!  It'll be perfect for Helen, who's a scientist!  :D  I think I see this set in the very near future for me!  :)

Purple Peacock PJs.  So cute for Nicki, I think!  :)

Delicious Breakfast.  Although its $58, its got lots of cute, individual food pieces, so I think its not too overpriced.  Really love it, too!  :)  I think I'll try to get this later, as well.

Sleep and Snack Pet Bed.  Very adorable, and I think its the most realistic dog bed AG has ever made.  :)  I've seen lots of pet beds like this at the pet store.  Eventually, I want to buy Meatloaf, so I think this would really cute for him.  :)

Bright Highlights Set.  I like these, but I'm personally not a big fan of any of the new hair pieces, so these are ok.  But I  think this is the best item in the new hair piece collection, because you can't actually dye your dolls' hair, but you can do buns and braids on them yourself.  :)  Anyways, the Bright Highlights Set is $12

Curly Ponytail.  These cone in a variety of colors, and are $18 a piece.

Chic Bun.  These also come in a variety of colors, and are $20 a piece

Braided Headband.  These also come in a variety of colors, and are $12 a piece

2-n-1 Track Outfit.  Very cute!  :)

Basketball Outfit.  Purple!  One of my fav colors!  :)

Witch Costume.

Talent Show Set.  Very cute, and seems to come with a LOT of pieces!  :)

Polka-Dot Flats.  Adorable, and I was waiting for AG  to release some more just shoes! :)

Purple Espadrilles.  Oh, soooooo cute!!!  :D  Need these!

Bow-Toe Moccasins.  Cute!  :)  But I think my sis would like these better than me.

Sweet Socks and Tights Set.  :)  Very cute!

Starry Clip Hangers.  These would be helpful for hanging pants, shorts, skirts, etc.

Classroom Scene.  This is a new thing AG seems to be trying, with backdrops for the dolls.  They also made a free app to have background sounds for each of the scenes.  I think this is a very good concept, and I downloaded the app just for fun.  It works really well, and has nice background sounds.  :)  Also, each of the backgrounds are $12

Sunny Park Scene.
Gala Party Scene.

Winter Fun Scene.  Well, I think that's the whole release.  Good job, AG!  :D  Which item is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A cool giveaway at Our AG Adventures!

Hi, girls! Chloe at Our AG Adventures is having a cool giveaway for a pair of Releaserain shoes! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

It's official: Molly is retiring!

It's official: Molly and Emily are retiring! Waaahhhh! :(. They've been around for 27 years, I think. The pictures at the bottom of this post proves that they are retiring. Disclaimer: I DID NOT take the photos. :). I really am going to be saving for Molly and her collection now. It is assumed that their archival will be announced with the new summer releases. I really think AG needs to stop retiring all these Historical Characters, though. They are really getting rid of all the HCs from really important times in history. Ex. The American Revolution (the birth of the country, for goodness sakes!), pioneer times, the turn of the century, and now World War II! Really, AG! The other eras with the dolls are important too, but there's even a rumor that Addy will retire after them. No more Civil War?! I don't know. I really think AG needs to focus more on the HCs. :). Anyways, thanks for listening to me rant. :). It IS official that Molly and Emily are retiring tho, so if you don't have one of them or both, and want them, go get them quick! :D

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dorothy's Photoshoot!

Hello, dahlings, it is moi, the shamazing Dorothy! Well, most of you know how shy I am, so Saige bet me $10 that I wouldn't post that on the blog all by myself! Ok, Saige, pay up!
Saige: I don't want to!
Dorothy: But you bet me, and I won!
Saige: But I was going to spend it on some new hair clips!
Dorothy: MOMMY!!!!!!!!
Me: What's the matter?
Dorothy: Saige bet me $10 that I wouldn't post that on the blog, and now she won't pay!
Me: Saige?
Saige: Well...........oh, ok! Here's your $10. *Saige walks off grumbling*
Dorothy: Well, back to me again. Mommy did do a photoshoot with me, so here are the pictures!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Calico Critter Collection! :D

Some of you may not have heard of them, but this post is to show you my Calico Critter collection. They are little animal figures with fur and little clothes. You also can get them accessories and buildings. Well, this is my small, yet slowly growing Calico Critter collection! :). I hope you like it!

Meet my little animals and their school!

This is three of them. The little one in the pink is Amy, the one in blue is Dillon, and the little bear is Tristen.

This is Miss Diane Darling, the teacher at the preschool, with Tristen and Sammy on the see saw.

And this is Marie in her swing. You can see Amy in the background.

Through the window: Miss Diane Darling and Dillon at the piano.

And finally, Miss Diane plays the piano while Dillon is excited, Tristen is playing with his little car, Marie is sleeping, Amy is playing with her duck, and Sammy is just listening. Well, that's the last of my pictures! :). Do you like them?

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Girl's Best Friend! <3

I took this adorable picture of Helen and her puppy, Angus, and then edited it. :). Do you like it?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Felicity's Missing Necklace. Part 2!

I'm really, really sorry for the wait, girls! :). Well, here's Felicity's Missing Necklace, Part 2! Part 1 is here:

Soon Saige was back from changing her clothes.
"I'm back!!!" she announced. But no one was there.

"Well, so much for breaking my Fastest Clothes Change record." Saige mumbled to herself.

Just then, Rebecca ran up, out of breath.
"Oh, hi, Saige." she said.  "We better go keep looking."
"Uh, Rebecca, why did you change your clothes for?"
"Well, I can't go look for a necklace in my white dress!  It would get all dirty!"  Now it was Saige's turn to roll her eyes.  "SAIGE, YOU ARE WEARING MY FAVORITE SHOES!!!" Rebecca yelled.
"And?" Saige responded.  "They match my dress."
"But they're my absolute favorites!  And you've got my hair ribbon on too!"
"Calm down, Rebecca.  I won't mess it up, I promise."

Before Rebecca could respond, Felicity came running up, obviously upset.
"I can't find it anywhere!  And I had to change my clothes, because I spilled some juice on my other gown!" Felicity said.

"What we need is a strategy or plan to find your necklace. That's what Nancy always does in the books", Saige announced, plopping herself down in a chair.

Saige was promptly interrupted by crying, which soon was revealed to be from Helen.
"Angus, my sweet little Scottish Terrier puppy, is missing!" Helen cried.  "I can't find him anywhere!  And I bet he's lost and scared!" she continued between hiccups.  Rebecca wandered off, looking intently at something.

Felicity tried to calm her down.
"It's ok, Helen."  she said.  "I'm sure that he's fine."
"I don't know." Helen said, calming down a little bit, but still clutching her favorite picture of Angus.

This is her favorite picture of Angus and herself.  <3

"Hey, girls!" Rebecca said excitedly.  "Come look at this!  It's some of Angus' fur!"  (Yeah, i know, it's invisible fur!  :)  )

"And look here!" Saige said.  "There's an indentation in the carpet like something was  dragged here.  And Angus' fur is right next to the door!  Let's go outside, girls, and look for more clues."  With that,  all four girls trooped out the door.
Do you think the girls are on the right track?  What happened to Angus?