Monday, June 24, 2013

It's official: Molly is retiring!

It's official: Molly and Emily are retiring! Waaahhhh! :(. They've been around for 27 years, I think. The pictures at the bottom of this post proves that they are retiring. Disclaimer: I DID NOT take the photos. :). I really am going to be saving for Molly and her collection now. It is assumed that their archival will be announced with the new summer releases. I really think AG needs to stop retiring all these Historical Characters, though. They are really getting rid of all the HCs from really important times in history. Ex. The American Revolution (the birth of the country, for goodness sakes!), pioneer times, the turn of the century, and now World War II! Really, AG! The other eras with the dolls are important too, but there's even a rumor that Addy will retire after them. No more Civil War?! I don't know. I really think AG needs to focus more on the HCs. :). Anyways, thanks for listening to me rant. :). It IS official that Molly and Emily are retiring tho, so if you don't have one of them or both, and want them, go get them quick! :D

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