Thursday, June 27, 2013

New AG Summer Release!

Hello, girls! :) The new AG summer release has been officially.....released. Lol! :). On a sad note, Molly and Emily's archival has officially been announced as well. :( Here's the brand new AG summer release!

Saige's Tunic Outfit.  <3 this!  I'm going to put this on my list of things I really have to have for Saige!  :)  It's just soooo cute!

Saige's Picnic Set.  I <3 this as well!  :)

New MAG doll!  :)  #59!

And another new MAG doll!  :D  #60!

Flower Sweater and Skirt.  I like this outfit a lot; maybe for Helen?

Tropical Bloom Outfit.  I'm kinda ehhhh towards this outfit; I think it'd be better for my sis.  :)

Striped Hoodie Outfit.  Very cute, but not really my thing.  :)

School Backpack Set.  Since this new one has been released, I assume the old one has been retired. :(  Hmmm....I like this set, but I personally like the old one better.  Maybe it was the colors, or that ADORABLE science book the old set came with.  :)
School Locker Set.  Again, cute, but not tnecessarily something that I personally will be buying.  :)

Campus Snack Cart.  Oh my goodness, can I say how much I LOVE this piece?!  :)  It's just so cute, I love the idea and design, and food alert! It comes with all different kinds of food!  :)  Too cute!  I'm probably going to try and save up for this later.

Stackable Lunch Set.  Very cute!  :)

Science Lab Set!  :)  Oh, I LOVE this!  Lots of pieces, very detailed, and for AG, a good price!  :)  $36!  It'll be perfect for Helen, who's a scientist!  :D  I think I see this set in the very near future for me!  :)

Purple Peacock PJs.  So cute for Nicki, I think!  :)

Delicious Breakfast.  Although its $58, its got lots of cute, individual food pieces, so I think its not too overpriced.  Really love it, too!  :)  I think I'll try to get this later, as well.

Sleep and Snack Pet Bed.  Very adorable, and I think its the most realistic dog bed AG has ever made.  :)  I've seen lots of pet beds like this at the pet store.  Eventually, I want to buy Meatloaf, so I think this would really cute for him.  :)

Bright Highlights Set.  I like these, but I'm personally not a big fan of any of the new hair pieces, so these are ok.  But I  think this is the best item in the new hair piece collection, because you can't actually dye your dolls' hair, but you can do buns and braids on them yourself.  :)  Anyways, the Bright Highlights Set is $12

Curly Ponytail.  These cone in a variety of colors, and are $18 a piece.

Chic Bun.  These also come in a variety of colors, and are $20 a piece

Braided Headband.  These also come in a variety of colors, and are $12 a piece

2-n-1 Track Outfit.  Very cute!  :)

Basketball Outfit.  Purple!  One of my fav colors!  :)

Witch Costume.

Talent Show Set.  Very cute, and seems to come with a LOT of pieces!  :)

Polka-Dot Flats.  Adorable, and I was waiting for AG  to release some more just shoes! :)

Purple Espadrilles.  Oh, soooooo cute!!!  :D  Need these!

Bow-Toe Moccasins.  Cute!  :)  But I think my sis would like these better than me.

Sweet Socks and Tights Set.  :)  Very cute!

Starry Clip Hangers.  These would be helpful for hanging pants, shorts, skirts, etc.

Classroom Scene.  This is a new thing AG seems to be trying, with backdrops for the dolls.  They also made a free app to have background sounds for each of the scenes.  I think this is a very good concept, and I downloaded the app just for fun.  It works really well, and has nice background sounds.  :)  Also, each of the backgrounds are $12

Sunny Park Scene.
Gala Party Scene.

Winter Fun Scene.  Well, I think that's the whole release.  Good job, AG!  :D  Which item is your favorite?

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