Thursday, June 20, 2013

Felicity's Missing Necklace. Part 2!

I'm really, really sorry for the wait, girls! :). Well, here's Felicity's Missing Necklace, Part 2! Part 1 is here:

Soon Saige was back from changing her clothes.
"I'm back!!!" she announced. But no one was there.

"Well, so much for breaking my Fastest Clothes Change record." Saige mumbled to herself.

Just then, Rebecca ran up, out of breath.
"Oh, hi, Saige." she said.  "We better go keep looking."
"Uh, Rebecca, why did you change your clothes for?"
"Well, I can't go look for a necklace in my white dress!  It would get all dirty!"  Now it was Saige's turn to roll her eyes.  "SAIGE, YOU ARE WEARING MY FAVORITE SHOES!!!" Rebecca yelled.
"And?" Saige responded.  "They match my dress."
"But they're my absolute favorites!  And you've got my hair ribbon on too!"
"Calm down, Rebecca.  I won't mess it up, I promise."

Before Rebecca could respond, Felicity came running up, obviously upset.
"I can't find it anywhere!  And I had to change my clothes, because I spilled some juice on my other gown!" Felicity said.

"What we need is a strategy or plan to find your necklace. That's what Nancy always does in the books", Saige announced, plopping herself down in a chair.

Saige was promptly interrupted by crying, which soon was revealed to be from Helen.
"Angus, my sweet little Scottish Terrier puppy, is missing!" Helen cried.  "I can't find him anywhere!  And I bet he's lost and scared!" she continued between hiccups.  Rebecca wandered off, looking intently at something.

Felicity tried to calm her down.
"It's ok, Helen."  she said.  "I'm sure that he's fine."
"I don't know." Helen said, calming down a little bit, but still clutching her favorite picture of Angus.

This is her favorite picture of Angus and herself.  <3

"Hey, girls!" Rebecca said excitedly.  "Come look at this!  It's some of Angus' fur!"  (Yeah, i know, it's invisible fur!  :)  )

"And look here!" Saige said.  "There's an indentation in the carpet like something was  dragged here.  And Angus' fur is right next to the door!  Let's go outside, girls, and look for more clues."  With that,  all four girls trooped out the door.
Do you think the girls are on the right track?  What happened to Angus?