The Stars!

Ok, so basically the title explains.  This page is all about my dolls!

Name: Elsie Rose Dinsmore
Age: 13
Favorite kind of cake: Butter pecan with vanilla icing
Likes: Her friends, baking, playing with her best friend, Addy (Addy is my friend's doll), coffee, hot rolls, dressing up, and having her hair done
Dislikes: Asparagus, plain water, and when her baking masterpieces turn out wrong.
Fav hairstyle: Down with ribbons on both sides, and little curls framing her face (like in the picture).
When she grows up: Elsie wants to own a bakery.

Name:  Nicki Fleming
Age: 10
Likes:  playing outside, snow, GYMNASTICS, dogs, playing with her friends and her best friend Dorothy, and Elsie's sugar cookies. She also likes to watch I Love Lucy.  And, she loves to chat with her cyber BFF, Kit.
Dislikes:  spinach, bullies, prank calls, and coffee.
Fav hairstyle:  two pigtails
When she grows up: Nicki wants to be a wildlife photographer.

Name: Helen Catarina Patsy Jacqueline
Age: 12
Likes: reading, all animals, SCIENCE, playing and walking with her Scottish Terrier puppy, Angus, and dressing up in time period clothes
Dislikes: squeamishness, Saige's fear of mice, kale, and grammar (Helen: BORING!!!)
Fav hairstyle: down, with a small clip on the side
When she grows up: Helen wants to be a veterinarian or a marine scientist

Name: Saige Esther Copeland
Age: 12
Likes: clothes, shoes, ACTING, dressing up, painting, Nancy Drew, watching old movies (Ginger Rogers is her fav), and snitching Rebecca's clothes
Dislikes: escargot, when people make fun of her acting, and she has a fear of mice (Helen: Seriously, Saige?!)
Fav hairstyle: Pulled back into a loose ponytail
When she grows up: Saige is going to be a movie star on the silver screen! She is already an actress, and one of the biggest actresses in Dollywood.  :)

Name: Rebecca Rubin
Age: 11
Likes: acting, BALLET, history, dressing up, sugar cookies, and chocolate-drizzled matzo
Dislikes: getting dirty, science, and ladybugs
Fav hairstyle: down in curls
When she grows up: Rebecca will be a prima ballerina

More coming soon!


  1. Cool, I love the pic of Rebecca! :D

  2. Epic post! I like how you really told about the dolls personalitys! Your blogs is really awesome!


    Oh, and make sure to check out my blog, EPIC!

    1. Thanks, Celia! :). I checked it out! :D

  3. Replies
    1. Felicity, Agnes, Nicki, Helen,Saige, Elsie, Dorothy, Rebecca, Molly- Hi! :D.