Thursday, March 7, 2013

AG Place Visit! Pt 1

So, on Sunday I visited an AG Place! It was tons of fun and Saige got to come along. I made it my goal to get a picture of every display in the store for you girls, and I almost did! I missed about five of them. Before you begin looking through this post, I will warn you that this is a VERY long post with tons of pictures! :) And this is just the first part!  Second part will be coming later!  :)

Saige's Sweater Outfit and her Painting Set!  <3 this so much in person!  :)

Saige's Sparkle Dress and her Hot Air Balloon.  The balloon is HUGE!

Another display with Saige's Sweater Outfit and her Parade Outfit.

I had a request for a picture of the Saige cutout you can take your picture with, and here it is!  :)

Another display near the front of the store with Saige in her meet outfit and accessories, Saige's Parade Outfit, her horse Picasso, and her Parade Saddle Set.

Saige with her accessories.  Although I love the idea of doll jewlery, I wasn't that impressed with Saige's accessories,  They are really tiny, and could easily be lost.  But they are still really cute.  But for $28, well...
Saige's Pajamas and her dog, Rembrandt.  I LOVE these two items!

Saige's Sparkle Dress and Rembrandt.  The fabric isn't exactly as I pictured it, and the sparkles are iron ons, but I still really like this outfit.

Molly and Emily's main display.

Addy's Main Dispay.  I love that Sunday Best outfit.

Kit and Ruthie's main display.

Rebecca's main display.  I love that Costume Chest!  :)

One of Caroline's main displays.  She had two.

Kaya's main display.  Tatlo is so adorable!

Caroline's other main display.

Josefina's main display.
Look for the second part coming later!  :)

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