Saturday, March 9, 2013

Comparison of Felicity, Saige, and Nicki

Today I thought I'd do a comparison post between Felicity, Saige, and Nicki since a lot of people think they look so similar.

Here we have Felicity and Saige.  Honestly, I don't think they look a bit alike, except for their hair.  However, Saige's hair is a lot more brown than Lissie's, and its a bit longer and curly.

A close up of Felicity.

A close up of Saige.

As you can see here, Saige's hair is a bit longer than Felicity's, and its a LOT more curly.

Here we have Saige and Nicki. They look a lot more alike: they both have freckles (though they are in different places), both their eyes are blue, and they have the same face mold.

A close up of Nicki.

Another look at the close up of Saige.

As you can obviously see here, Nicki's hair is not even the same hair color as Saige's; it is almost blond.

Nicki's hair is a lot shorter than Saige's and though both are curly, they have different kinds of curls.

A final picture of Felicity, Saige,and Nicki. I personally think that Saige is a slight cross between Nicki and Felicity, but they do NOT look alike. They are each unique dolls.

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  1. yea they are! :) my mom thought that nicki looked a lot like Saige.