Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AG Place Visit! Part 2

Im sorry I took so long to post this, but anyway, here are some more of the pictures from AGP! :)   Part 3, and What I Got at AGP coming soon!

Kaya in her Deerskin Outfit, with Winter Accessories and Food.  I <3 her winter accessories!  :)

Caroline in her Holiday Outfit in her Parlor.  Her parlor is REALLY big (and expensive XD)  but it is really cute.

JLY #46.  I had a request for a picture of her, and there's another one down below of her in the Petals and Posies dress, with the Violin Set.  :)

The tent, hiking outfit, and Easy breezy Outfit.  I thought this setup was really cute.  :)

The Cycling Outfit, with the new Trail Bike and Pet Trailer.  Meatloaf is peeking out!  ;)  I really love this set, so I may be saving up for it! 

The Fun and Games Table, Loungue Chair, I Love Pets Pajamas, the Campus Casual Outfit, and the sleeping bag.  I like the Fun and Games table, but for some reason, its a little smaller than I thought it was.  Oh, well!  :)  I guess I have a warped mind regarding size.  ;)

The shower, tub, and salon center.  I don't know why, but this set up really struck me.  Its just sooo cute!!!! :)

Later, we went to the bistro, since my friend was having her birthday party there.  Here's Saige, who got to come, smiling pretty with her treat seat, cup, and crown.  Unfortuanately, the only one of those things I got to take home with me was the crown.  :(

A picture of the cool light fixture in the bistro.  No idea why I took this, i just thought it was cool!  :)

My 'starter' at the bistro.  I ordered the pretzel bites.  They were really yummy, and came with melted cheese and honey mustard to dip them in.  :)

My glass of 'signature AG pink lemonade'!  :)

Total randomness!!!  :)  My chair at the bistro.

My actual 'entree' at the bistro.  I ordered the Chicken Sandwish with Basil.  It came with sweet potato fries, too.  But the sandwich was VERY big, so I finished it in the next two days.  :)

My cake and ice cream that we had at the end of the party.  I think having the cake half chocolate and half vanilla was a good idea, since some girls may not like chocolate cake, and some may not like vanilla.  then they can just eat the part they like.  :)

I had a request for Molly, so I got a few more of her.  :)  Here she is in her Polka-Dot Outfit.

And in her 1944 Swimsuit.

And here is Molly in her Christmas dress, Emily in her Holiday Dress, and Molly again in her Skating Outfit.

Molly and Emily in their meet outfits.

Marie-Grace in her Skirt Set.  I was happy the glass on the displays didn't reflect too badly in this picture!  :)

Cecile in her Parlor Outfit with Cochon, her parrot.

Julie in her Calico Outfit.  <3 this picture!

The Volkswagon Beetle!  I really like this car, and I think it is part metal and part plastic.  Either way, its really cute!  :)

Saige, her Parade Outfit, Parade Saddle Set, and her horse, Picasso.

Kit in her Summer dress.

Kaya with Steps High and Sparks Flying.  I thought this was a VERY cute setup.  :)


  1. Wow! Which store did you go to? I have been to the ones in: LA, KA, and Boston! :D


  2. I went to the Washington DC one. :)