Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saige Visited the Aquarium!

All of you girls' guesses were very close on the photoshoot teaser! :). Saige went to the aquarium with her friend Cindy!

Saige and Cindy found a colassal piece of quartz!

Saige discovered a funny lizard!  I love how this picture turned out.

On the zoom-in screen, where you can move a little camera around in the tank and see the sea turtles up close, Saige and Cindy are intently watching the cute turtle.

Our aquarium has this 'submarine' where you can walk into the tank.  Saige is next to one of the submarine windows, watching the sharks.

Ahhhhhhh!  Saige and Cindy are in a shark's mouth!  :)

And finally, Saige is riding a dolphin statue!  Saige is saying bye for now, but she'll see you later. :)

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