Saturday, March 16, 2013

AG Place Visit! Pt 3

Ok, here is the last batch of pictures from AGP! :). I think I took nearly 200 pictures in all! :). Enjoy! What I got at AGP coming later!

Julie with her bike!  :)  what a cutie!

Cecile with her bed and vanity.

Addy in her nightie on her bed.

Rebecca with her bedroom collection.  What a BIG cutie!  :)  <3

Kit and Ruthie with their bed.

Another picture of Beckie with her bed.  :)

Caroline with her bed.

Josefina with her bed.

Marie-Grace with her bed and Argos.

Julie with her bed.  I LOVE her bed.  :)

Kit and Rebecca in their summer ensembles.

Josefina in her Summer Dress.

Addy and Julie in their summer ensembles.

Rebecca in her Movie Dress, with Settee and Phonograph.

Molly in her Polka Dot Outfit and school things.  They were playing the Kit movie behind me.

Josefina in her school outfit with Sombrita.

Kit, Ruthie, Molly, and Emily.

Kit with her Washday Set.  I think this set is awful cute for ANY doll.   :)

Cecile in her Parlor Outfit, with Desk and Cochon.

Rebecca in her School Outfit with supplies.

Kit's School Outfit, Skirt Set, and School Desk.

Julie in her Birthday Dress and treats.

Josefina's Fiesta Dress, Sombrita, and her table and chairs.

Caroline.  Look at those curls!  :)

Rebecca's Hannukah Dress, Sideboard, Sabbath Set, and Hannukah Set.

Kit's Birthday Dress, table and chairs, and Grace.

Caroline with her birthday things.

Molly with her birthday things.

Addy in her Plaid Summer Set and birthday things.

Caroline's Travel Things.

Cecile on one side......

....Marie-Grace on the other.  :)

Addy's Sunday Best.

Rebecca's Lace Dress.

Kaya in her Powwow Dress of Today with Steps High.

Julie's Patchwork Outfit and Ivy's Rainbow Romper.

Josefina's Dress and Vest with Sombrita.

Caroline's Work Dress and Garnet.

Addy's Winter Coat and Accessories.

Julie's Casual Outfit and Dog Walking Set.

Kaya's Powwow Outfit and Animals.

Julie's Summer Skirt Set.  I LOVE this outfit!  :)

Molly's Skating Set.

Rebecca's Winter Coat.

Josefina with the new Keepsake Box.

The AGP exclusive sweatshirts.

A little blurry, but anyways.  :)  The Side Tie Tees.

The AGP exclusive longsleeve star shirts.

Another display with the AGP exclusive sweatshirts.

The AGP exclusive swimsuits: Berry Skirtini.  I <3 this swimsuit.  So cute!  :)

The AGP exclusive signature tee, and aprons.

The AGP exclusive PJs (ADORABLE!!!!!) and the Keepsake Box.

The AGP exclusive signature tees, and the little skirts they make to go with them.

Another display with Caroline's birthday things.

The inside of the elevator!  :)

The pattern on the walls of the elevator.

The Styling Chair and Bathroom Vanity.  And some of the doll underthings.

The Butterfly Twist Dress and Honey.  So ADORABLE!!!!!  :)

So many MAGS!  :)  There was another case just like this with the rest of the dolls.  ;)

The wheelchair, Service Dog Set, and Campus Casual Outfit.

The Sweet School Dress, Everyday Jumper, and School Desk Set.

The Sweet Savannah Dress, Sweet School Dress, School Backpack set, and Striped School Dress.

The Polar Penguin Snowsuit and Winter Fun Outfit.

The Bitty Ballerina Outfit.

The Sweetheart Dress.

The Little Lady Dress.

The Zoo Romper and Changing Table.

The Coral Cutie Outfit and Beachcomber Outfit.

All of the cute Bitty Twins!  :)

All of the cute Bitty Babies!  :)

The Fall Flowers Dress and Autumn Plaid Outfit.  :)

The Plaud Play Outfit and Cozy Playdress.

The Mix n Match Outfit.

The Pea Outfit.

The Gingham Party Dress and Blossom Outfit.

Special Occasion Gown.


  1. Wow! Awesome! I love the AGP. I got Mckenna when I last went there..........................
    anyway, hope you had a great time! :)


  2. Jan, COME BACK SOON!!! I miss u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!