Monday, March 11, 2013

Review of Saige's Pajamas!

I recently got Saige's Pajamas, and I thought I'd do a review on them. I set up a little modeling background for Saige with some AG doll boxes.

A close up of the flower graphic on her shirt.  I thought this was cute.  :)

And the detailing on her sleeve.  These ruffles are on the sleeves and neckline.

The shorts' print.  A lot of people have said that the geometric shorts and the rest of the outfit don't really match or go together, but I think everthing goes together nice. 

The slippers!  I LOVE these!  Sooooo cute!  :)  They really pull together the whole outfit, too.

The elastic backings.

A back view.

The little hairbands that came with the outfit.  I probably won't be putting these in Saige's hair because I'm afraid that they will stretch out, but they are very cute.

Out of the baggy.

And the box.

Overall, I'd give the outfit a A.  I give the shirt an A, the shorts an A, and the slippers a A-.  I really would like to give them a better grade, but I'm afraid the elastics on the back will stretch out badly over time.  Right now, though, they're great!  :)  I give the hairbands a A.

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