Friday, July 5, 2013

The Clinton Way Independence Day Parade!

It was the day of the big Clinton Way Independence Day parade! Everyone was here, and the two benches on Clinton Way were full of girls!

Suddenly, Rebecca and the other girls sitting with her heard Cindy yell, "Come sit with us!" Cindy was yelling from the bench she was sitting on with another group of girls. "Ok, we're coming!" Helen yelled back. Helen hopped down from her bench, and ran to meet Violet, with the other girls following close behind. "Come on, come on, we have to hurry!" Violet said. "The parade is about to start!" They all got settled just in time! :)

Molly and Emily led the parade, proudly marching and holding the official banner. They smiled broadly, and waved at the crowd as they went by.

Next came McKenna, who was performing her gymnastics act in the parade! She smiled confidently, and did her starting pose.

Then she flipped over into a flic flac.

She was almost up....

And then she finished, with her proud finishing pose!

The girls cheered loudly! "McKenna is sooooo good!" Nicki whispered to Addy, who was next to her.

Next came Saige, with a beautiful, starry, red-white-and blue crown on her head, riding along on her pedestal float. Saige was Miss Fourth of July! She waved to the crowd, who cheered!

Oooohhhh, what was this?! A carriage! Elizabeth and Felicity, dressed in their most summery outfits, rode in a fancy carriage pulled by Penny! They waved enthusiastically to the girls watching!

Felicity was still waving, but unknown to the girls watching, she was talking to Penny, too! "You're such a good girl!" she whispered to her. "Thank you for pulling our carriage in the parade." Felicity received a delighted whinny in response.

Now the parade was over, but it was a big success! All the girls loved it, and were still talking about it as the last of the parade turned the corner of Clinton Way.

The girls all hope that you enjoyed the Clinton Way Independence Day Parade!!


  1. I love it! So cute! :) The banner & carriage are adorable, too!
    Another great post !:D

  2. Thanks, Hope! :). We had a LOT of fun with this post! :)