Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saturday Spotlight! :D

Update: Wow, did I never post this??!!!  I thought I did!  :(  I'm really sorry!  I think the post is completed.

Hiya, girlies! :). Yay, it's time for the first Saturday Spotlight! First, the sites! :)

Dollygirl's Treasures (by Dollygirl)
Epic (by Celia Rose)
My AG Rocks(by Sydney)
My Doll Crafts and More (by Dolllover and moi ;). )

And now, the Saturday Spotlight!  :). Here are the ten posts I picked that I really loved this week!  :)  Please, please, please don't be mad if one of your posts isn't up there.  :)

1.  Look at this white bodied Molly!  How lucky!  :)

2.  I loved the pretty photographs in this one!  :)

3.  This is an extremely cool recipe!  :D

4.  ADORABLE Photostory!

5.  What a cute paper doll!

6.  I love this photoshoot!

7.  I really enjoyed this photostory!

8.  I loved the Rebecca in the Garden photoshoot!

9.  I love this outfit.

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