Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rebecca's Tea Party- The Invitations (Part 1 of a 3 Part story)

Hi, girls! Rebecca here! After Cindy's big Christmas in July party, I'd been thinking. I want to have a party too! But what kind? Well, I finally decided today! I'm going to have a tea party. I made an invitation for all the girls.

I checked my lettering to make sure I had the message just right.  I wanted it to sound very old-fashioned and formal.  Here's what I wrote:
"Miss Rebecca Rubin
requests the pleasure of your company
at a tea party
the 16th of July at 2:00 pm
at her home.
RSVP by July 13th."
"Just right" I said to myself, and snatched up the invitations to go off in search of the girls.

The first one I found was Helen, who was about to go out the door.
"Hi, Helen!" I said.
"Oh, hi, Beckie!  What's up? I'm about to go shopping." Helen replied.
"Oh, not much.  But, I'm having a tea party soon, on July 16th.  Can you come?"  Helen thought for a second.
"Yes, I think so.  Can I bring Angus with me?  He doesn't like being alone."
"Sure!  Here's your invitation!" I smiled, and left to find some of the other girls.

I knocked on Felicity's door next.  She opened it still in her night shift and cap, and I suppresed a giggle.
"I thought you picked on Saige for wearing her PJs late!" I said, laughing.
"Oh, give me a break.  It is summer vacation; I was sleeping in." Felicity said, pretending to be mad, but smiling.
"Ok, ok. I'm having a tea party July 16th, can you come?" I asked.
"Oh, Rebecca, I'm sorry! I just agreed to have lunch with Dorothy that day yesterday."
"Oh." I said, my heart sinking. "Well, its ok. However, I'm kinda guessing that Dorothy wouldn't be able to come either, then?"
"Right. I'll tell her you invited us, though!"
"Ok, thanks. Do you know where I can find any of the other girls?" I asked.
"Yes. I think Molly and Nicki are down on the nature trail. Oh, and I really do hate to tell you the, but I don't think Elsie will be able to come either. She has a bird watching club meeting that afternoon, I think."
"Ok, great. Would you please tell her that she was invited, too, if you see her?" I asked, mustering a smile.
"Sure! I'm sorry, Rebecca!"
"It's ok. I'll see you later!" I said, walking away.
"Ok, Beckie! See you!"

I made my way down to the nature trail, and spotted Nicki and Molly right away. I was just in time to hear Nicki saying: "......and this is our favorite bench. And that's the tree that I fell out of and sprained my ankle!" she said, pointing to the pine tree. I rolled my eyes. Why would she tell Molly she sprained her ankle falling out if a tree?!

As I drew closer, however, Molly seemed impressed.
"Hi!" I said cheerily.
"Oh, hi, Beckie!" Molly said with a big smile on her face. "This nature trail is sooooo cool; we're all so lucky!"
"Yes, we are." I said, beaming. I still haven't exactly warmed up to Molly yet, but she is really nice!
"Hi, Beckie! I was just showing Molly around." Nicki said.
"Ok!" I said, smiling. "I'm having a tea party July 16th, can you two come?" I said for the third time today.
"Oooooohhhhhh, a tea party!" Molly sighed. "I love them! I'll definitely come!"
"Good! Uh, Nicki?" Nicki had been staring at her toes.
"I'm sorry, Rebecca, but I have gymnastics practice that afternoon. I can't miss it; its only a month till the big meet." she said hesitantly. Great! I thought. Half the people I've asked arent even going to come! Some tea party!
"Oh, well that's ok." I said, and Nicki's face perked up.
"Really?" she said hopefully.
"Really. I understand, and I'll be rooting for you at the meet!"
"Thanks, Rebecca!"
"You're welcome. Here's your invitation, though, Molly!" I said, handing her an envelope.
"Thanks! she said. As I walked away smiling, I heard her talk to Nicki: "Do you really take gymnastics?! That's so cool!" I couldn't hear Nicki's response, but I could tell Molly and Nicki were going to get along great!

Next, I made my way to Saige's house. She opened the door, and invited me in, but she was still in her PJs!
"Is sleeping late a regular thing for you?" I asked, giggling.
"Aw, never mind. I'm on summer vacation, and I'm about to have breakfast." she said, but grinning.
"Yeah, well, I caught Felicity in her nightie this morning!" I said. "So I don't think she'll tease you about sleeping late again!" I said, smiling.
"Really? That's funny!"
"Yep! Well, anyway the real reason I came over is because I'm having a tea party July 16th. Can you come?"
"Sure, I'd love to! Will Molly be there?" Saige asked, frowning a little bit.
"Well, um, yes. Why?" I asked, worried. Did Saige not like Molly?
"Oh, no reason. I'll come, though." she said.
"Good! Here's your invitation!" I said, handing her one of the cream envelopes I had left.
"Goodbye!" I said, letting myself out the door.

Back home, I plopped onto my bed! Giving out invitations was hard work! ;)

Wait a minute! What am I lying around for? I know what I need to cool off! Ice cream! A big triple scoop of vanilla! I trooped off to the kitchen.

Check back next week on...you guessed it: July 16th! for the 2nd part of Rebecca's Tea Party- The Party!!!!!!! Eeeeeekkkkk, I'm so excited for my party! Bye, girls!

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