Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Christmas in July Party! A Photostory Collaboration between Fun with the Dolls and AG Photostory Central

Hi, girls! Rebecca here! Cindy told me she's hosting a Christmas in July party, and asked me to come over early to help! So here I am in front of Cindy's house!

I knocked, and Cindy opened the door. "Hi, Cindy, I'm here early, just like you wanted." I said.

Cindy led me over to the big buffet table she had set up for the party. "What can I do to help?" I asked. "You can get the bread out of the kitchen if you like." Cindy replied.

I walked off to the kitchen to get the bread, found it, and brought it back. I put it on a pretty doily, too. I handed the freshly-baked loaf to Cindy, who set it on the buffet table. "Thank you, Rebecca!" Cindy said.

"Yipes, this thing is heavier than I thought!" Cindy grunted as she struggled to pick up the pretty, but obviously heavy gold samovar. She must need help with that! "Here, I'll help!" I said, picking up an end of the samovar. "Thanks, Rebecca! That thing was weigh 100 pounds!" Cindy replied, giggling. I giggled back, as much as holding the heavy samovar would allow.

Finally, Cindy and I set the samovar on the buffet table with a thump! "Finally!" Cindy said with a great sigh. "It is SO heavy!" I responded, out of breath. "I know!" Cindy replied.

"We're all ready!" Cindy exclaimed, obviously very excited. "Now all we have to do is wait for the other guests." We both sat down in front of the buffet table.

Just then, I heard a noise from outside the house! Footsteps! It sounded like the bottoms of Molly's patent leather shoes! And some other footsteps, too, that were softer.

I started jumping up and down and shouting! "THEY'RE HERE! THEY'RE HERE!" I shouted, excited. "Chill, Rebecca! You're acting crazy!" Cindy said, laughing. Was she laughing AT me or WITH me? I couldn't tell. Aw, Cindy's no fun! :). Just kidding! She gives great parties!

Soon, a knock resounded on the door. "Can I let them in?" I asked, still jumping up and down. "Sure, Rebecca!" Cindy replied, still laughing. "Go ahead!" So I skipped over to the door, and let whoever it was in. My guess was close! It was Molly and Elizabeth! "Welcome to the party!" I said enthusiastically.

I led Molly and Elizabeth over to the big buffet table, where Cindy was waiting to greet her guests. "Hi!" Cindy said. "Hello!" Elizabeth and Molly said. They were clearly excited for the party, too.

Just as Molly and Elizabeth were getting settled, I heard MORE footsteps! Yay! More guests! But I didn't say it out loud this time. Cindy would probably call me crazy again. A knock resounded on the door again. "Come on in, it's unlocked!" Cindy shouted. The door opened, and Addy, Emily, and Felicity came in. Yay! All the guests are here!

Addy, Emily, and Felicity had brought some food for the party. "Let's have some tea and lemonade and something to eat." Cindy suggested, always the perfect hostess.

Molly, Elizabeth, Addy, and I seated ourselves at Cindy's pretty table with our food.

Felicity, Cindy, and Emily, meanwhile, stood around the buffet table chatting and sipping tea and lemonade.

Everyone at the party agreed unanimously that Cindy's Christmas in July party was a big hit!! I beamed.

"This tea is delicious, Cindy!" Felicity said happily. "How did you make it?"
"Oh, it was an easy recipe! I can give it to you before you leave if you'd like!" Cindy replied.

I, meanwhile, was sitting at the table with Addy, Elizabeth, and Molly, munching grapes. None of them wanted grapes though. How can you not want grapes?! They're delicious! :)

"This is a great party!" Molly commented. "Cindy is the perfect hostess!"
"I know!" I replied. "It's such a terrifically terrific party!" Lol!

Well, bye for now! I hope you enjoyed seeing Cindy's Christmas in July Party!