Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saige Goes Exploring! A Photostory

Hello, dahlings!  Actually, maybe I like girls better....or maybe not....or maybe....   Well, never mind!  :)  It's Saige, and I'm going exploring today to prepare for my new movie where I play Nancy Drew!  Nancy does a lot of exploring!  :)  Here I go!

Where to go first?

Hey, look at this big  Maybe its something for dolls to climb and sit on!

Almost to the top!  Push!

I got to the top!  Hey, there's a nice view for dolls!  Wait a minute, am I really this high up?!

Well, I got down.  Look!  Ants!  They all seem to be doing something important!  I wonder what?

Looky!  A giant kitty!  Actually, I guess it is human sized.  Maybe it'll let me pet it!  Or....maybe not.  It walked away.

Well, not all hope is lost of petting the kitty!  I followed it to its water bowl.  Wasn't that smart of me?  ;) Maybe it won't mind me petting it now that it is busy.

Almost there...

Hey, I'm petting the kitty!  It has soft fur!

Hmmm.....I better get out of here before the kitty knows it was me who was petting her.

Maybe something else to climb on is here!

I think I'll give up on this climbing mission.  It's too hard and tall to climb.  :)

But what's this!  Another kitty?  This one looks more relaxed.  Maybe I can pet it easier!

Hey, there's the other kitty-cat I pet too!  Thanks for letting me pet you, kitty-cat!  :)

Going around this....thing, to get to the other kitty-cat.

Hmmm....he's asleep.  I'm almost there...

I'm petting him!  And he woke up!  I think he likes me petting him!  Yay!  :D

Time-out from exploring for a relaxing break.  :)  Here I am watching clouds.  Is that one a train?  Or maybe kitty-cat shaped?  Or maybe it's  Lol!  :)

Back to exploring!  I think this is ne of those thingys that Mommy calls an ant hill.  More ants are scurrying around.  Don't worry, ants, I won't step on your house!  Bye, though!  ;)

Well, that was the end of my day of exploring!  Ant hills, huge kitties, and plastic thingys to climb?!  What a very exciting, explore-y day!!  :D  Is that a word?  Or isn't it?  I don't know.  :D  Anyway, here's a nice log I'm going to sit on.  Bye, everyone!

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