Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dreaming of Winter in the Summer Photo Contest!

Update: This time we have a sponsor! Yay! And it is..........Danielle! Danielle crochets adorable doll hats and scarves, and for this contest, she is sponsoring with an adorable doll hat that one of YOU can win! :)

Yup, its time for another photo contest for summer! This time, its an elimination style. Every week, I'll put all of the names of the girls who entered in a hat and draw one. The one who gets drawn is eliminated, and the contest continues. The whole contest will continue in this way until there are two people left, and then the one left gets the prize. I'm doing it this way because I don't want to have to pick a photo and hurt anyone's feelings, and this way is completely random! :). There will be a new theme every week, starting this Saturday, and the photo you send in should have to do with this. The next Saturday, the eliminated person is drawn, and a new theme is started for the week.

-have your parents' permission if you're under 18, and make sure you're able to give out your address
-the photos you send in must be your own completely (no stealing or copying; if you think your photo has been copied, let me know)
-make your photos appropriate
-Have fun! :)

The prize for the winner is to be announced: I'll let you know about that later on. :)


  1. Wait,What is the photo that we are sending in s' theme?

    1. The first theme will be posted Saturday. :)

  2. Oops, I forgot to post my email address. :). Just follow the rules, and send your photo to me at First theme ends Saturday! :)