Friday, May 24, 2013

Helen's Rainy Day

Hi, girls! Helen here! Well, today it was really, really rainy.....and windy too! Here's what happened:

It was soooo rainy!  Just standing this far out on the porch got my shoes wet!

"Can't I pleaaassseeeee go out and play?" I asked, looking through the raindrop-studded window.
"No, Helen!" Mommy said.  "You'll get all wet! "
"I don't care!" I responded.

"Well, can't I at least go check the mail?" I asked, looking longingly at the pitch black box.
"No, Helen," Mommy replied. "But I'll go check it for you.  Maybe there's something for you!"

Me sitting on the bench, looking pretty, waiting for Mommy to come back from checking the mail.

Soon Mommy was back.
"Helen!  There is a letter for you!"  I grabbed it excitedly, wondering who it was from.  I looked at the return address.  It was from Kanani!

To pass the rest of the rainy afternoon, I curled up with my letter to read about Kanani's adventures in the warm sea and surf.  What do you do on rainy days?


  1. This is sooo cute! It's all sunny where I am, hoping to go to the pool later today :-)

  2. Thanks, Hope! Ooohhhh, I love the pool! :)