Saturday, May 25, 2013

Helen and Cindy's Sunny Adventure! (A Collaboration between Fun with the Dolls and AG Photostory Central)

Hi, everybody!    It was an extremely pretty, sunny day, so Helen and Cindy decided to go outside.

First they had a delicious picnic of chicken tenders, french fries, and sandwiches.

"French fries are delicious, don't you think Helen?" Cindy asked, munching.
"Yes", Helen responded, "but I'm having a sandwich."

Cindy wanted to play a game.
"Let's play hide'n'seek!" Helen suggested.
"Ok!" Cindy agreed.

Cindy went off to hide, and Helen closed her eyes, then opened them and began to search.
"Maybe she's behind this concrete block." Helen wondered to herself.

"CINDY!!!!! Where are you?" Helen called, a little frustrated.

"There you are!" Helen exclaimed, excited to have found Cindy.

Next, they decided to pick some buttercups.

"Aren't they pretty?" Cindy commented.

Helen admiring her buttercup bouquet!  :)

For the end of their fun day, Helen and Cindy decided to climb on the roof! Lol!  :)  I hope you enjoyed the photostory!

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