Thursday, May 30, 2013

Felicity's Missing Necklace. Part 1

Felicity was just picking one of her fancier dresses for Nicki's upcoming birthday party when she realized something. Her favorite necklace, the one with the pearl, was missing!
"Oh, no!" She screeched.

"What are you screeching about?"  Rebecca asked, walking in.
"My favorite necklace is missing!" Felicity said, very upset.  "You know, the one with the little pearl."

"Well, it couldn't have just walked off.  Did you look?" Rebecca asked.
"Yes, I looked everywhere!"

"What's all the yelling about?" Saige asked, walking in.  She was still in pajamas, and sleepy eyed.  Both Felicity and Rebecca stared at Saige, forgetting their problem for the time being.
"Saige...." Rebecca began.
"I don't know if you realize this, but you're still in your pajamas!" Felicity finished.
"So???" Saige asked. "I don't know why you girls are already up and dressed! It's really early in the morning. "
"It is NOT early in the morning!" Rebecca answered.
"Is too!" Saige responded. "It's not light out yet!"
"Saige, its really, really cloudy out. It's about to storm! That's why you don't think it's light out yet."
"Well, it still can't be THAT late!" Saige insisted.
"It's 11:00 am, Saige!" Rebecca responded.
"Oh, (nervous giggle), I guess I overslept."
Rebecca rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Anyway, still. What's all this yelling about?" Saige asked.
"My favorite necklace is missing!" Felicity said.
"Well, Nancy Drew to the rescue!" Saige exclaimed.

"Nancy Drew?!" Rebecca said. "You've got to be kidding!"
"What are you talking about?" Saige said. "I've got red hair, just like her!" She pointed to her hair.

"I don't care how its found." Felicity said. "I just really want it back! I'm going out to look."

"Ok, ok." Saige said. "Give me a chance as Nancy Drew. I'll go get dressed and start looking for clues for your necklace." Saige shuffled back into her bedroom, and Rebecca and Felicity went off separately to look for the necklace.

Look for the next part coming soon! :). I hope you liked the first part of the photostory Felicity's Missing Necklace!