Monday, February 25, 2013

Saige and Nicki's Adventure: Part 1 (A Collaboration between me and AG Photo Story Central)

One day, Saige and Nicki were bored. They decided to peek outside, and see if it was good weather.
"It looks like a pretty day for a walk," Saige said.
"Ok!" Nicki agreed.

Saige and Nicki began to walk down the pretty nature path.

"Hey, look Saige!" Nicki said.  "It's Cindy and Jess!"

Cindy and Jess had been sitting on a trail bench, so Saige and Nicki hopped up to join them.

Nicki wandered off, bored, but they didn't notice she was gone.
"We'll meet you down at that big tree in fifteen minutes" Jess said.
"Ok" Saige replied.

Cindy and Jess walked off towards the big tree.

"Looky, looky, look at me!" Nicki called.  When she had wandered off, Nicki had decided to climb a tree!

"Nicki, get down!" Saige exclaimed. "What are you doing?!"

"Oh, don't be such a fuss budget!" Nicki said with a giggle. "I know all about climbing trees",she continued, as she moved to a higher branch.

But Nicki lost her footing.
"Ahhhh!" she exclaimed as she lost her hold on the branch and began to tumble towards the ground.

Nicki landed with a thump i the ground. At first she didn't feel hurt at all, but then her ankle started to throb and feel funny.
"Nicki!" Saige exclaimed as she ran over to her.

"Are you ok?" Saige asked.
"Well, not exactly. My ankle feels kind of funny, like I sprained it or something."
"Oh no! Well, wait here. I'll go get Jess and Cindy and get you upstairs."

Saige dashed off towards the big tree, but Cindy and Jess weren't there. Then she looked at the stairs directly opposite, and there they were, standing there. Saige dashed over to them.
"Where were you?" Cindy began. "You didn't come, so we sat down to.."
"Nicki sprained her ankle!" Saige interrupted. "I'm sorry we took so long."
"Sprained? Her ankle?" Jess said unbelieving.
"Yes," Saige continued. "She fell out of a tree. Please go upstairs and fix her bed for her. I'll help her get upstairs."

Cindy and Jess nodded, and then began to sprint up the stairs. Meanwhile, Saige went back to help Nicki.

By the time Saige had helped Nicki upstairs, Cindy and Jess had Nicki's bed all ready for her. Nicki climbed in.

The other girls tried to make Nicki as comfy as possible. Cindy went to the bookcase to pick out some books for Nicki.

She picked out two of Nicki's favorites, Misty of Chincoteague and Little Women, and set them on Nicki's nightstand.

Jess brought out the laptop, and started a movie so Nicki wouldn't be bored.

And since everyone knows you can't watch a movie without something to eat, Saige brought Nicki a piece of peanut butter fudge.

So, Nicki is all set to heal her ankle.

You can see Jess and Cindy's view of this whole incident at AG Photo Story Central ( Come back next week to see how Nicki gets all better.