Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elsie and Addy Bake a Cake: A Photostory

Jan: Hello, again! So, today Elsie and Addy baked a yummy cake in the kitchen. Elsie wanted to tell everyone about it herself, so I said ok. Now, over to Elsie!

Elsie: Hello, everyone! Guess what? Mommy said that I could tell you all about Addy and I baking a cake this morning. I'm so excited! Well, it started like this. I was having a craving for something sweet, so I called Addy and asked her to come over. Then we could bake a cake together! I got so excited waiting for her, I couldn't stop spinning around! Mommy was having some trouble getting an 'un-blurry' picture of me. :)

Yay, Addy got here!   We're baking my favorite, butter pecan cake with vanilla icing!

Let's get started.  Addy preheated the oven for me.

Addy smiles for the camera!

I went to go get a bowl to mix the cake batter in; "Mommy, which bowl should I use?"
Jan:  "The medium one, Elsie!"
Elsie: Ok, back to the story.

I went to go get one of the eggs we needed out of the refrigerator.
Jan: "Don't drop that egg on yourself, Elsie!"
Elsie: "Don't worry, I won't!"  Mommy was in the living room.  I cracked the egg into the bowl.

Addy got the vegatable oil we needed, measured it out, and poured it in the started batter.

Meanwhile, I got the 1 and 1/2 cups of water, and poured it in too.

Time to mix it up!  Mommy let us use the real, Mommy-sized hand mixer!  Wow!  We felt really grown-up.  :)  We were very careful with it, too.

I called Mommy so she could pop the cake in the oven for us.  Here's us putting the cake in the oven.

It was going to take about thirty minutes for the cake to bake, so Addy and I went in the living room and played the piano.  See my head peeking around?

Rriinngg!  The timer on the oven went off, and we trooped into the kitchen to check on the cake.  It was done!  I called Mommy again, and she took the cake out for us.  Mmmm, does it smell good!  :)

Here's me icing the cake after it cooled.

Yay!  Finally the cake was all done and frosted, and Mommy cut a nice square of cake for us to eat.  Ummm!  It was delicious!  :)

Well, goodbye from me and Addy!  Oh, and goodbye from Mommy, too!  I'll see you next time!
P.S.  from Jan:  Thank you to my Mommy for really baking the cake!  :)


  1. Cute!! I emailed you a picture for Sharing Saturday

  2. Thx for sending in a pic and thx for liking the photostory! :)

  3. OH MY GOSH! You girls baked a cake ALL BY YOURSELF?!?!!!! My mom would never let me do that! LOL! Awesome job, girls!

    ~Molly(with her mom, Madison)