Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Helen!

Meet Helen! Well, actually its Helen Catarina Patsy Jacqueline, but that's an awful long name for such a little girl, right? So everyone just calls her Helen. :). Helen loves all kinds of animals, and although horses aren't her favorite, she does go riding with Felicity sometimes. She wants to be a veterinarian or a singer when she grows up. Helen likes being in the spotlight (see, she's dancing in the picture! ) but she doesn't hog it, either. Her best friend is Rebecca. Helen can't wait to do some cute photo shoots for you!


  1. That's creepy! my name is Katarina but it's spelt with a K not a C! ME and you have the same doll but mine her name is Katarina Luna Addle Just like my name!

  2. That is kind of weird, but its funny! :)

  3. Do you mind if I use this for Helen's profile? (On our blog together)