Thursday, February 21, 2013

Helen Goes to the Library: A Photostory!

Jan: Hi! I think the dollies are starting to want to run the blog themselves! :). Last night, Helen went to the library, and she insisted she tell you herself. You have to be fair. You can't let Elsie tell what she did, and then not let Helen. Well, over and out to Helen!
Helen: Hi, girls! Ooh, I'm so excited! I went to the library last night, and Mommy's going to let me tell you all about it myself! Okay, well, we had planned to go to the library that day, but Mommy was taking forever to get ready!
Jan: I was not!
Helen: Anyway, I said: "Hurry, Mommy!"

Well, telling Mommy to hurry didn't really make her hurry, so I hung out with Pickle, our cat, while I was waiting.

Randomness from Mommy!

Finally, everyone was ready to go,so I skipped out the back door to our car.

Mommy helped me up into the car, and away we went!  Here's me sitting in the car on the way to the library. I love to look out the window; don't you?

Oh, hello, Mommy!

Finally!  The best place in the whole universe: the library!  I almost ran up the stairs to the children's section, but you're not supposed to run in the library.  Here I am looking for my favorite aisle.

Ah, here it is!  The American Girl books!!

What books should I choose?  Well, this Samantha mystery looks good!

Going for a ride in Mommy's basket of books!  I didn't know Elizabeth was even there!  (Elizabeth is Mommy's friend's doll.)

"Hi, Helen!" Elizabeth said.  I almost jumped out of my skin!
"Hi, Elizabeth!  What are you doing here?"
"Oh, just getting my weekly supply of good books.  You?"
"Same thing.   What books are you getting?"  Turns out that Elizabeth and I were both getting a lot of the same books.

Jan: Got enough books there?

Helen: Oh, you're right!  I should get a few more!
Jan: I didn't mean that literally!
Helen: Anyway...Science books!  I had wanted to get a book of dolphins or whales.

I found a good one, so I sat down at one of the little tables to flip through it.  I really liked it, so I addedd it to my growing tower of books.

Time to go!  Here's Elizabeth and I walking down the stairs from the childrens' section.
Jan: Yep, and I'm carrying the books!  :)

Helen: I paused halfway down the stairs to look at the long aisles of books over the railing.  I wonder how many books there are in the whole world...

Time to check out!  We had just enough room on Mommy's library card for my tower of books!  :)

After such exhausting work of carrying the books around the library..
Jan: Helen...
Helen: Well, okay, Mommy carried them.  But I *was* tired, so I slept the whole way home.